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Venice Grand Canal Mall Images

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Venice Grand Canal Mall in Mckinley, Taguig

A day

half day at the Venice Grand Canal Mall

Mckinley Hill, Taguig

I had only seen the

Venice Grand Canal

Mall from friends posts on Facebook and Instagram and thought “Hey, this place looks awesome aaaannd it doesn’t seem to come cheap”. So I never bothered visiting the place. I as well was leaving far from manila so I never intended to visit it. Also, I only visit the beaches, the cloud hidden mountains, and sometimes bars. Yes, I only visit bars and sometimes not. Not until a friend of mine, who I’m going to call here “Dave”, decided to escape the nightly drinking causing daily hangover and came here to manila to find a job and be a better person. Luckily, we got hired and Dave even was assigned to a company branch just outside the Venice Mall. Lucky Dave! I was assigned somewhere else so I never had the chance to experience roaming the Mall on a daily basis. Few months later, I was asked to resign. Forcefully resigned. I frowned. I was sad. Really sad and thought maybe I need to chill and unwind, so I dusted off our not-so-old camera and visited The Grand Canal. It may help me stop thinking about the reason I’ve lost my job, tho I was told I can come back in a few months. Three, they say. So I have three months to go visit some place close by that wouldn't need me to spend much. I then visited the famous man made canal and here's how it went.

It was already 3:30 PM when i arrived at

McKinley, Taguig

. I woke up late because of a part time I’m doing at night to buy me food and pay my dues. I went straight to the Mall and called my friend Dave who then punched out for a late lunch. Before entering the mall, we were greeted with a very warm “buon pomeriggio”, an italian phrase which means “Good afternoon” followed by “Pabukas po ng bag, ma’am/sir”, a tagalog sentence which means “Please open your bags for inspection, Sir/Ma’am’. The guards look friendly and enthusiastic. I like that. It makes your day and free food tasting a happy experience. The glass windows at the entrance would give you a glimpse of what you’ll expect inside which made me excited. It got me so excited that I forgot to take my camera out of my backpack and take a photo of the main entrance. To describe what it felt like 5 meters away, it felt like the excitement when you were 6 and about to enter a carnival fair. You’d already know that the inside provide lots of fun hunting except that you’re no longer be holding cotton candy and money to play the duck shooting game. Instead, a camera or phone to shoot the man made beauty and some random beautiful ladies, and money to taste those some realy oh so yummy looking food. The pointy end of the mall roof's looked like it’s a castle that has your sleeping princess locked inside waiting for your wet warm kiss. Wet warm. Dang! It in the end, it didn’t. Not a disappointment though.

Moving forward.. We first went looking for a restaurant to eat but because I’m a very thrifty inpidual—jobless is may be the right word, we thought of looking for some cheap fast food restaurant but found Mini Spot instead. It's where we had our meal, even had extra rice and only cost us just about 120.00 pesos for both of us. It was cheap yet worth it. Then good guy Dave bought us each an Orange-Pineapple juice. For a second there, I thought of pen pineapple pen. Anyway, as soon as I had my first sip, I swore to that juice cup that I’ll take care of cooking for dinner. I did. But speaking of restaurants, the mall offers lots of it. Lots of it that if I had enough money, I wound want to come back and try them all. I just had not taken the names to list them all here.

The Birds

After eating, we went down to where you can

feed some doves

. From Mini stop, which is at the second floor, you can see the circular area where you can feed doves. The picture doesn't show any birds because of the rain that just showered past a few minutes after taking that picture. Good thing it stopped. At the ground, you will be able to see a stall selling bird seeds amounting to 20.00 Pesos—at least it’s the amount as of this writing--. We went to buy 2 packs. 1 for each of us.

Dave got so excited and scattered his pack of bird seeds and we can see doves coming close to pick the seeds. I also took some of the seeds, scattered it close by and made that magical “kroo kroo” sound. Some came close but I wasn’t happy with it so i took almost half of the seeds, crouched to the ground, placed it in my palm, raised my hands a bit for the birds to see the seeds and again made that “kroo krooo” sound. It was super effective.

Three doves came close so I raised my hands little by little until the dove can no longer reach the seeds by them just standing on the ground. One

dove started to flap its wings and stepped on my fingers

until I raised my whole body at a standing position and have the dove in my hands like I’m some kind of a bird whisperer. It was a lot of fun. “Ha!” I burst, looking at Dave boastfully, showing off the dove in my hands. Then the dove flew away after finishing the seeds. I then scattered the rest of the seeds on the ground and was planning to get a close shot of the doves but got a blurry dove head instead. Not the best but still worth it.

After all the dove foods are eaten, Dave then needs to be back to work so I was left on my own in the Mall.

Love locks

I then went to the Canal and found love locks on the

bridge's wire mesh fence

like what they have in Rialto Bridge in Italy. I walked back and forth dodging people taking selfies while waiting for some partner perform the act of locking a padlock and throwing the keys into the canal but no one did. I wanted to wait a little more just to see how the crowd get wild with the kilig moment but it was getting dark so I went on and moved to the second floor. I knew for myself that I'd also be smiling if that had happened and doesn't really want to experience it on my own so I went on.

This was taken at the opposite side of where I took the

lock shot

. This is also one end of the canal.

The Bar

At the second floor, I went straight to the other end of the canal and found a

floating Bar


Architecture and Lamps and Lights

The windows seen from across the canal

We can also see wiring's of

lights hanging

which really are nice to watch at dusk most especially if they are lit.

I was walking while checking my camera shots when I heard screams and thought it would be some kilig moments but it was the rain that shooed my fellow tourists into the veranda and inside the mall. Few seconds later, the roofless part of the mall was deserted.

The inside

Like everybody else, I also wen inside the mall and continued there.

I also found a nice place where we can sit and relax. It has 6 benches and an artificial grass. I sat there a few minutes.Few more minutes later, the rain stopped and Dave punched out of the office. We went to roam for the last time and took the rest of the photo.

More Night Lights

Exiting the Mall

After roaming the mall for the last time, we headed straight to the entrance to exit the mall and here are the final pictures.

That’s it for now. There's a lot more that I have not taken and written. I guess next time I should be earlier to be able to have more time roaming and taking pictures.I recommend the Venice Grand Canal at Mckinley, Taguig as a nice spot especially for someone looking for a place to have a date. I surely will come back and maybe with a date too and maybe even lock a padlock at the bridge's mesh fence, try the bar, and most especially try the food because food is love and love makes the world go round. Therefore food makes the world go round.

Important note

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment and provide suggestions. Ah and don’t forget to share it with your friends. And most specially your enemies. Let them read this arcticle while you plot your next move to them. To be exact, this article has 2000 words which would approximate to 10 minutes of reading plus 20 pictures which will be 5 minutes of by-hearth viewing, making them neutralized for about 15 minutes. That gives you an ample time to forgive and forget. Let’s spread love even if we get less. And don’t forget to smile at the next 3 person you first encounter after reading this. Have a nice day!

"its only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything" - Tyler Durden, Fight Club

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